The LaSala Visit

This weekend we were visited in Healdsburg by our friends the LaSalas. Joe, Helena and Tomas, their two year old son. We were lucky enough to be able to carpool, as I was in San Francisco on Friday and we were underway about 7 pm, arriving in Healdsburg before 8:30. Of course, we ignored Joe’s calls for tacos and hamburgers along the way.

On Saturday morning Joe, Mira and Bob took a 25 mile ride out into the Anderson Valley, up a hill to the geyers. I don’t know what the road was called or where it went, since we stopped about 3/4 of the way up. It was pretty hot by noon. Helena had been watching the kids in the town center and was happy to see us return because she was hungry. Then it was off to the wineries out on Dry Creek Road and a lunch at the general store out there. Paninnis and beer for lunch before visiting the Unti winery and another winery whose name I’ve forgotten. Then we returned home for bratwurst barbeque and generous helpings of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate. Joe could not help himself. I think he had two giant bowls.

On Sunday we had pastries and coffee in the town center and then took a drive to Cloverdale to check that out. Not too much happening up there. We were told that Geyserville would have been more scenic. We then met Meredith and John for a picnic at the Healdsburg park by the river. More bratwurst (better this time) and salad. Then a trip home for a bit of relaxation and, huge bowls of ice cream. I think the LaSalas enjoyed themselves.