Monthly Archives: October 2014

Timeline Fever

Did you ever wonder whether primates lived with dinosaurs?

Just how far along in the lifecycle of the universe are we?

When did Ceasar live and was that before or after the Olmecs began to write?

Come to dinner at the Pierces’ and find out!

Peruvian Invasion

As some of you know, last week Lucas Valley was invaded by a group of 14 Peruvian tennis players.  All were invited by Carlos Lamas-Babbini, and a group of us played a mini-tournament with them for a whole day.  We got some cool t-shirts too.

The day was followed by a potluck at which we all got to know each other.  And Robert drank half a bottle of Pisco to very disasterous results.  Mira and Robert hope they met some new friends that they’ll see again someday.  Here’s some photos.