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Lavrov, the One to Watch

Lots of Trump news last week.

Robert’s favorite line last week came from the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.

When meeting with Trump last week, in the same meeting during which Trump called James Comey a “nut job,” Lavrov demonstrated some wit.

From the NYT article:

“Behind closed doors, according to the document read by the official, Mr. Trump said that news stories about possible Russian collusion were fake, a comment he has repeatedly made in public. He told the Russians that his poll numbers remained strong and that Americans wanted the government to have a healthy relationship with Russia.

At one point, Mr. Trump jokingly asked whether there were reporters in the room.

“No,” Mr. Lavrov said. “No fake media.”

The Russians are in the drivers seat here. They answer to nobody and are having fun watching the US meltdown.


Open House

The Pierces were treated to lots of art at the 2017 Dixie Elementary Art Show.  Then, we toured the classrooms and saw lots of effort in all the work being done this year.

Some samples.

Latest News for The Chick-Flick of the Century

From the New York Time:  Full article here.

Ferrante Casting Call in Naples Lets Children Dream, if for a Day

NAPLES, Italy — A legion of children raced up a dead-end street in Sanità, a tough Naples neighborhood dripping with laundry and suddenly brimming with the promise of stardom.

Marta Reale, 10, her smile broad, her bangs blanched, made her way to a recreation center’s doorway through the dense crowd of other children, sunlit cigarette smoke and mothers fanning themselves on the seats of scooters. Above her, more children were hanging out the window, and above them, more were crammed onto a balcony.

Then she approached the desk where she gave her name and age and got a numbered slip of paper and a parental release form. The sign above her head read, “Dream.”

This was not just any casting call, but one for “My Brilliant Friend,” an adaptation of the first of the four smash-hit Neapolitan Novels written by Elena Ferrante, whose hidden identity enthralled the literary world and whose books have sold more than a million copies.


Rosenstein Memo

Here’s the memo that  deputy attorney general Rosenstein wrote about Comey.

The problem for all Trump haters, including me, is, of course, that Rosenstein is a very highly regarded guy. With a  27-year career in the Justice Department under five administrations, and the distinction of being the longest-serving United States attorney in history.  Ugh. And the memo is good.