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This is the difference between Japan and everywhere else.

From New York Times

Full article Here.

“TOKYO — One of the most talked-about television commercials in Japan this year advertises an unusual product: contrition.

The ad shows a group of workers and executives from an ice cream company lined up in neat rows in front of their suburban Tokyo factory. As gentle folk music plays, they bow in apology.

The company’s transgression? Adding 10 yen, or about 9 cents, to the price of Garigari-kun, a hugely popular soda-flavor ice cream bar. About 500 million of the bright blue snacks are consumed every year, mostly by children.

Increasing prices are a big deal in Japan. The country’s sluggish economy means that the cost of most things has not risen in 20 years, and almost any increase makes headlines.”

The first price increase for this product in 25 years.

Watch the video.  It is touching.  The text over the video translates as: “We held out for 25 years. 60 → 70

By the way, in this video, the viewer is treated to the phenomena of the Japanese salaryman’s facial expression. Singular.  Is it embarrassment, anger, utter joy you see on their faces? One will never know . . .