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Cadie Soccer Photos

Lagunitas Today

Today the Pierces were fortunate enough to get a visit from the Spiegel family of Orinda.  Bagels, walk in the open space, and then the Lagunitas Brewery.  Great!

Sorry, no photos of the lady-folk available.

GaryandBobKids 20140921_125001

Sierra Hike 2014

Animated Life: Seeing the Invisible

Animated Video.

In 1674, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek looked at a drop of lake water through his homemade microscope and discovered an invisible world that no one knew existed. He was an unlikely pioneer — a haberdasher and city official by trade. In this film, we celebrate this 17th-century citizen scientist and a discovery that would ultimately change our view of the biological world, and our place in it.