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Marin Tennis in Peru
October 18,  2018

NOTICE: PLANNING CONFERENCE CALL: Monday, August 20, 7:00 pm.  Dial In: 415.805.1243  password: 46109

Background: The rivalry between the tennis players of Peru and the tennis players of central Marin County is both long-standing and intense. When the two sides meet on the courts, few remain standing. This Fall, the two empires will clash once again.  On the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in Lima, Peru.

Event Description:  4 or 5 Days of tennis, eating, drinking, and debauchery in Lima, Peru.  Through arrangements made by Carlos Lamas-Babini, players of Marin will mingle and compete with players of the GATTS League. After that period, those left standing may participate in fully organized or dis-organized excursions to destinations elsewhere in Peru, such as Cuzco, Ariquipa, and the Cordillera Blanca. What the heck, take advantage of a full length vacation by visiting the dentist, just like Robert Pierce!

Arrival Date: October 18, 2018

Place: The tennis clubs of Lima, Peru and environs.

Planning:  All discussions concerning this adventure will happen on this page, using the comments feature below.  If you have a question or comment, please use the comment feature. Please consider checking the box for receiving comments by email. That way, we’ll all have the same information.

Airline Flights:  Each participant is responsible for purchasing his or her own airline ticket.  Round-trip flights on 10/17 on LATAM are currently a little under $700. Robert and Carlos will purchase their flights soon.

Excursions: As noted above, participants should plan on staying in Peru long enough to get out of Lima and see the wonderful culture and geography of the country outside its largest city.  Carlos and his friends can connect us with travel agents who can arrange trips.  Those might include: Day-long city tours of Lima and nearby Pachacama, Museums, Food Tours.  Multi-day tours can be arranges to Arequipa, Puno, Cusco and Iquitos (jungle). It is possible to arrange tours now, or arrangement them once in Peru. Some of us may desire to see things via bus rides and last minute hotel arrangements.  Contact Robert Pierce (aka El Señor Cheapo) if you favor this option. It can all be accommodated. Unless, of course, it cannot, and you are on your own!

Accommodations Participants will discuss lodging options in the upcoming weeks.  Accommodations in Lima range in price from $25 a night upward. Anyone on a tight budget is welcome to explore inexpensive accommodations with Robert Pierce.

Who’s Invited?  Anyone and everyone. Spread the word. There has been discussion about this and some people have said they are interested. Carlos can’t keep track of it all. He’s a bit challenged. So, just to have it in one place, here’s a list of hopeful participants.  Some may have been overlooked. Apologies for any confusion. Please send names of others.

Bobrow, David (not going)
Brankman, Maida (going)
Chang, Thomas (not going)
Clark, Stewart (maybe)
Engstrom, Eric (unknown)
Evangelista, Gustavo (not going)
Gietzel, Paul (maybe)
Gilbert, Jill (unknown)
Goldfien, Andrea (unknown)
Hoff, Tony (not going)
Iyer, Gautham (not going)
Jensen, Rick (maybe)
Kaikinger, Karl (maybe)
Kaplan, Brian (maybe)
Karimiyanha, Hamid (not going)
Kohlbrenner, Andreas (going)
Kotzian, Leszek (likely)
Lamas-Babbini, Carlos (going)
Lee, Richard (unknown)
Massarsky, Bobbi (maybe)
Monagle, Leland (maybe)
Moffett, Willey (not going)
Pierce, Robert (going)
Riley, Bob (unknown)
Schmidt, Tom (going)
Scott, Ian (not going)
Tomelden, Dino (not going)
Zimmerman, Jay (not going)

Scenes from Last Time and Peru: 


5 thoughts on “2018 Tennis in Peru

  1. Tom Schmidt

    I am on the east coast this week. If you book your flights, send me the info immediately so I can book the same flight.

  2. Andreas Kohlbrenner

    Can’t wait to join you all! My son is going in September, hopefully he will bring back some good ideas for adventures while we are there….


  3. Carlos Lamas-Babbini

    I’m very happy that there is interest in this trip. I’m hard at work planning some activities and excursions. Stay tuned. Carlos.


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