Monthly Archives: April 2011

Easter Sunday

Today the Pierces celebrated the resurrection of Jesus with an extravaganza party held at their house. It was a celebration of friendships, old and new.  Karen Davis, a friend of Meredith Schwirtz from high school days came with the Schwirtzes.  Also with that group came Lucy and Tonga.  Iin attendance were Larry and Perry Kass, and their children Elan and Natalia.  It turned out that Larry, who Robert met for the first time, was already a friend of Michael Pierce and Wendy Gosliner, who came with Diego, Maya and their friend Andrew.  Small world. Pamela, Aiden and Quinn Bass and the elder Pierces completed the guestlist.

Pamela and Mira organized an egg hunt in the backyard for all the kids.  Confetti eggs cracked over  Robert’s head. 

 We had plenty of food.  Mira prepared a ham (pre-cooked) and Robert barbequed some salmon.  We had potatoes, bread and cheese, delicious fruit salad, and roasted mushrooms.  Robert did not like the mushrooms.  Thanks to John Schwirtz and Susan Richter for much help in the kitchen.  During dinner Robert explained the advantage of using trash compactor bags as kitchen trash bags.  They are thicker.

After dinner, the kids all got goodie boxes, full of candy, which they all ate before leaving.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.