Monthly Archives: April 2008

Weekend Visit

This last weekend we had a visit from MeMe Rasmussen. She came up on Saturday morning and we had a picnic near Sonoma Lake out on West Dry Creek Road. We stopped at the General Store out there and bought sandwiches. Then, Mira and MeMe went and had massages a the day spa. I can only imagine the conversations had during that time. Anyway, we then all met James Oh, another Adobe colleague, Nabeel Al-Shaama, yet another Adobe colleague, at the home of Ron and Geri Cote, more Adobe alum, for dinner. Ron and Geri have a great home up in the hills, with a view of the vineyards. The whole nine yards. Nabeel came with a bottle of wine from their 7 acre vineyard at home. Mira and Robert drank a lot of wine and talked a lot about our baby. That was our “contribution.” MeMe left the next morning after breakfast at the local French bakery.



Last Monday I was misfortunate enough to have to spend my day in Menlo Park in a too-small conference room with about 15 very serious people. I had to give testimony in an arbitration hearing relating to a contract which I worked on about five years ago. I had to explain what I believe the language in the contract means

In Healdsburg

We finally made it to Healdsburg this week. We started to settle in on Wednesday. I’ve been going in to the Adobe office in Santa Rosa and it is working out just fine. Mira has been staying home and her mother visiting each day to help take care of RIII. I get home about 6:30, and sleep.

RIII has been behaving himself. This week we’ve been treated to a few smiles. We get about 2 a day and are expecting more as time goes by. All in all I’ve been so amazed by his alertness. I guess I heard so many times that the first three months are like the “fourth trimester” and that he would just be a blob, that I did not realize that he would be a little person right from the moment he was forn. When he popped out 6 weeks ago he had his eyes open and was looking around immediately. He hasn’t stopped watching. He even had a voice immediately. I did not realize that babies communicate with their voices immediately. From his earliest moments he has made squeeks and cries, always letting know that he’s here. Never letting us forget. I can’t believe that they know how to communicate immediately.

As for daily life, he has been sleeping more. Up to about 5 hours at a stretch at night. This is good for us. His most difficult time seems to be the late afternoon, although, as I sit here now, he is happy to be bundled up in his seat here in the square in Healdsburg, watching me type. Oops, he just spit half digested milk all over himself.