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The Pierces don’t watch much commercial television. That’s generally a good thing . . . we think.  But it does mean that we don’t get to be current with all the funny commercials that everyone else in the United States gets to see and laugh at.

But January is when the Pierce no-TV rule breaks down.  That’s because our network provider, Comcast, either by design or by some lapse in its programming, let’s the Pierces watch the Australian Open on ESPN.  For free!  Woo hoo!

Now, to the point. During streaming coverage of the Australian Open, ESPN plays the same ads, over and over and over.

There appears to be an unsettling disagreement between Robert and Mira.  Robert loves this ad.  He has seen it 1000 times and still laughs. Mira hates it.  Robert thinks it is because Mira does not understand it. Or, perhaps, her taste is brutish. Not subtle as is Robert’s. What say you?  A marriage hangs in the balance.


And the Magic Number is 3.841

Rory is working on his science fair project.  He’s getting an early start because it is a psychology experiment and he needs to subject at least 60 people to a questionnaire. In the meantime, dad is trying to relearn what he used to know about determining statistical significance in a dichotomous study using a binary response scale. Turns out, the study will employ a (simple) 2 x 2 contingency Chi-square analysis. Duh.

And remember . . . the critical value for determining statistical significance in a contingency Chi-square when df = 1 is . . . wait for it . . . 3.841.

Gotta pump up that N value. Can we get 80 instead of 60?

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