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A Holiday Tradition Continues!

It’s hot off the presses!

Once again our friends at The Jelly Donut in the Northgate Shopping Center have found time to put together a wall calendar that we can all be proud of!  It’s a holiday tradition that makes Robert ecstatic to be here in Marin.  Living here just makes life worth living! Especially in June!


What’s Left?

The Pierce family is close to exhausting the list of all possible sports experiences.  It’s children have surveyed almost everything.  Gymnastics, basketball, rock climbing, skiing, swimming, soccer, baseball, surfing, the club sport triad of golf, tennis and yacht racing, and, recently, they’ve begun to explore the realm of combat sports . . .


The remainder of the list is getting short.

Only ones left are jousting and that Mayan ball-and-ring game. I’m sure some enterprising person in Marin is finding a way to charge $375 per child per month for that one.

Next, the big garage sale . . .

(Note, though, Rory scored two hits in that video.  First bout! And he does not even have his precious little high-waisted fencing culottes yet!)


Photos of Interest