Monthly Archives: May 2008

Summer Plans

Well, Memorial Day is behind us and now is the time to plan our summer vacations.  A few ideas are swirling around, none of which has coalesced into a true plan.  The leader is the idea that we will do a cycle tour in Oregon, bringing the Schwirtz’s along for support with little Robert.  Plan is to start at Crater Lake, loop through Bend, Sisters, Eugene and then down to Ashland where we finish.  I still have not looked up the mileage.  I’m hoping we can do that in a week.  The other plan, favored by Robert III, is a ride in the Rockies, starting as far north as possible and ending in Jackson Hole.  Then there is Japan, which probably will not happen as our friend Yoshiko has not settled on wedding plans.  Our hope is to get invited to her wedding and combine that with a cycle ride ending in Tokyo.  Maybe next year.  Or, maybe we won’t get invited.  Then, there is Croatia and Germany.  Still on the list.


Steam Train

Today we went out to Berkeley for Milo F.’s second birthday party.  It was cold out there in the Berkeley hills.  Probably too cold for a picnic and kids rides on the train.  But, we did it.  We saw some of Mira’s friends that she has met through Julia.  Robert II wore his Peruvian poncho, which scored points with Mira.  Anything that makes him look more “ethnic” helps in her eyes.  Mike, Wendy and the kids were driving by the steam train park and since they knew we would be there, they stopped by.  We took a ride with Diego and Maya.  

The LaSala Visit

This weekend we were visited in Healdsburg by our friends the LaSalas. Joe, Helena and Tomas, their two year old son. We were lucky enough to be able to carpool, as I was in San Francisco on Friday and we were underway about 7 pm, arriving in Healdsburg before 8:30. Of course, we ignored Joe’s calls for tacos and hamburgers along the way.

On Saturday morning Joe, Mira and Bob took a 25 mile ride out into the Anderson Valley, up a hill to the geyers. I don’t know what the road was called or where it went, since we stopped about 3/4 of the way up. It was pretty hot by noon. Helena had been watching the kids in the town center and was happy to see us return because she was hungry. Then it was off to the wineries out on Dry Creek Road and a lunch at the general store out there. Paninnis and beer for lunch before visiting the Unti winery and another winery whose name I’ve forgotten. Then we returned home for bratwurst barbeque and generous helpings of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate. Joe could not help himself. I think he had two giant bowls.

On Sunday we had pastries and coffee in the town center and then took a drive to Cloverdale to check that out. Not too much happening up there. We were told that Geyserville would have been more scenic. We then met Meredith and John for a picnic at the Healdsburg park by the river. More bratwurst (better this time) and salad. Then a trip home for a bit of relaxation and, huge bowls of ice cream. I think the LaSalas enjoyed themselves.

Sonoma Picnic

Today we went for a picnic with the Schwirtz family at the regional park near Healdsburg. We sat in a grove of redwoods, ate cheese and bratwurst, drank beer and wine, and, of course, watched the baby. Meredith made an extra effort by navigating from the parking lot to our far off picnic table. Cube (my recent name for R3) behaved himself for the majority of the day. Then it was home for naps in bed. I told Mira that I really love her and I’ll do anything for her. She quickly pointed out that “anything” does not seem to include taking off my shoes in the house, not eating croissants in the Safeway before they are paid for, laundry, or offering to pour her more lemonade spritzer after drinking all of hers while standing in the kitchen. It does include dragon slaying and catching a greased pig.


Family Names

I’ve picked through a little bit of the family geneology that Carole Pierce Gardner recently sent. One great thing about having information about our ancestors is that we now have a rich set of names that can be used for any of our future children, assuming we are going to use family names. Here’s a few of the possibilities arising out of the Pierce line prior to the Revolutionary War.

Ephraim Pierce, Annah Pierce, Abiah Pierce, Persis Pierce, Experience Holbrook, Josiah Turner, Abiezer Turner, Cornelius Briggs, Thankful Briggs, Ezra Briggs, Abiezer Chittenden, Ezekiel Chittenden, Azrikim Pierce, Azrikim Pierce, Isaac Pierce, Freelove Pierce, Hopestill Pierce, Tabitha Pierce, Ephraim Pierce, Clothier Pierce, Ephraim Pierce, Abiezer Peck, Experience Pierce, Levi Pierce, Mial Pierce, Ephraim Pierce, Wheeler Pierce, Mial Pierce, Job Pierce Caleb Pierce, Persis Holbrook, Mercy Farrow, Bethia Farrow, Seth Farrow, Ezekiel Farrow, Bethia Holbrook, Bethiah Holbrook, Desire Holbrook, Moses Daniels, Mercy Daniels, Bethiah Daniels, Jerusha Pierce, Ebenezer Bailey, Ebenezer Pierce, Ebenezer Pierce, Persis Pierce, Caleb Pierce
Nehemiah Pierce, Ezekiel Pierce, Seth B. Pierce, Desire Pierce, Jeremiah Pierce, Hulda Pierce, Abner Pierce, Elisha Pierce, Elisha Pierce, Calvin Pierce, Persis Pierce, Mercy Ford, Hester Ford, Ebenezer Josselyn, Abraham Josselyn, Hezekiah Ford, Thankful Ford, Shubael Bearse
Hezekiah Bearse, Thankful Whitmarsh, Abiah Whitmarsh, Ebenezer Whitmarsh, Abiah Whitmarsh, Abiah Ford, Mial Bearse