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Huntington Lake

The Pierces camped at Huntington Lake last week.  Huntington Lake is in the Sierra Nevada mountains east of Fresno.  It is quite a drive from Marin.  It took us about 7.5 hours with the kids and stops.

Huntington Lake is one of only a few well-known lakes for sailing in California.  It is well known for its very consistent wind.  There were plenty of sailboats on the lake when we visited.  Lots of Lidos, which seems to be the primary fleet.  As well as lasers, and some moths. We took the El Toro, and daddy and Rory sailed some.

And VERY FEW POWER BOATS!  And no ski boats. Just a few pontoons and little fishing skiffs. The powerboat crowd goes to lower, warmer, and bigger Shaver Lake nearby. Great!

We camped at a state campground. There are a few on the side of the lake.  But  we are getting pretty tired of car camping and its accompanying noise and inconvenience. We would like to visit the lake again, perhaps for a weeklong visit during which we rent a cabin. It feels like a good place to be with a group of sailors/kids for an extended stay. The fishing looks great, and there are tiny fishing boat rentals.  Kids can sail there on their own, it seems.  Some of the coves are protected from the wind.

When we visited, we were told that a group from the Richmond Yacht Club had come through the previous week for sailing. The Fresno Yacht Club hosts the High Sierra Regatta there.



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