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Nature at the Meadows


It’s a Joke, Right?

If’ you’d like to have lunch at the Richmond Yacht Club, please bring your lawyer.


Friday, September 25, 2020


Dear Member,

Contra Costa County Health Services has released a new Health Order, allowing Richmond Yacht Club to open a Picnic Area.

We have established a Picnic Area on the lower Clubhouse deck, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The Picnic Area may only be used by Members, their household and their Social Bubble, as defined by Contra Costa Health Service.a. “Social Bubble” means a Stable Group of 12 that forms a Household Support Unit for the purpose of engaging in activities that are not prohibited by County. 

    b. “Stable Group of 12” means a group of not more than 12 individuals over a three-week time period that is a Household Support Unit.

    c. “Household Support Unit” means a Stable Group of 12 that is formed for the purpose of engaging in the sort of support and activities that are typical of members of the same household (e.g., childcare, family recreation, etc.), regardless of whether they physically occupy the same dwelling. Each person may be part of only one Household Support Unit, and every resident of a single dwelling unit must be part of the same Household Support Unit.

  1. Each of the Picnic Tables may be occupied by only one household, or Social Bubble at a time.
  1. Picnic Area tables shall NOT be moved within the Picnic Area (Deck) or to other locations.
  1. After each use, all users are REQUIRED to sanitize the table and chairs they use with the provided disinfectant spray bottle and paper (disposable) towels.
  1. Face masks must be fully worn when not actively drinking or eating at a table.
  1. Any and all use of the Picnic Area is solely at the user’s Own Risk;  the Club is only periodically cleaning the Picnic Area tables and chairs.

If you have questions about use of the Picnic Area, please contact the Club Manager, Stan Korich, at 925-237-2821 or [email protected].

Thank You, The RYC COVID-19 Task Force


Richmond Yacht Club Staff


351 Brickyard Cove Rd. Richmond, CA 94801

Phone: (510) 237-2821

37° 54′ 29″ N, 122° 23′ 00″ W

© 2020 Richmond Yacht Club

Gandhi, the Movie

No better way to beat the heat than a really long bio-pic. Robert and the kids watched the 1982 movie Gandhi yesterday.

Here’s the Letter to a Hindu by Leo Tolstoy. Lots of people talking about love and non-violence in those days, including Tolstoy.

Anyway, Tolstoy. Damned good writer. That’s fer sho.

Robert likes this part:

O ye who sit in bondage and continually seek and pant for freedom, seek only for love. Love is peace in itself and peace which gives complete satisfaction. I am the key that opens the portal to the rarely discovered land where contentment alone is found.


What is now happening to the people of the East as of the West is like what happens to every individual when he passes from childhood to adolescence and from youth to manhood. He loses what had hitherto guided his life and lives without direction, not having found a new standard suitable to his age, and so he invents all sorts of occupations, cares, distractions, and stupefactions to divert his attention from the misery and senselessness of his life. Such a condition may last a long time.

When an individual passes from one period of life to another a time comes when he cannot go on in senseless activity and excitement as before, but has to understand that although he has outgrown what before used to direct him, this does not mean that he must live without any reasonable guidance, but rather that he must formulate for himself an understanding of life corresponding to his age, and having elucidated it must be guided by it. And in the same way a similar time must come in the growth and development of humanity. I believe that such a time has now arrived–not in the sense that it has come in the year 1908, but that the inherent contradiction of human life has now reached an extreme degree of tension: on the one side there is the consciousness of the beneficence of the law of love, and on the other the existing order of life which has for centuries occasioned an empty, anxious, restless, and troubled mode of life, conflicting as it does with the law of love and built on the use of violence. This contradiction must be faced, and the solution will evidently not be favourable to the outlived law of violence, but to the truth which has dwelt in the hearts of men from remote antiquity: the truth that the law of love is in accord with the nature of man.

But men can only recognize this truth to its full extent when they have completely freed themselves from all religious and scientific superstitions and from all the consequent misrepresentations and sophistical distortions by which its recognition has been hindered for centuries.

To save a sinking ship it is necessary to throw overboard the ballast, which though it may once have been needed would now cause the ship to sink. And so it is with the scientific superstition which hides the truth of their welfare from mankind. In order that men should embrace the truth–not in the vague way they did in childhood, nor in the one-sided and perverted way presented to them by their religious and scientific teachers, but embrace it as their highest law–the complete liberation of this truth from all and every superstition (both pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific) by which it is still obscured is essential: not a partial, timid attempt, reckoning with traditions sanctified by age and with the habits of the people–not such as was effected in the religious sphere by Guru-Nanak, the founder of the sect of the Sikhs, and in the Christian world by Luther, and by similar reformers in other religions–but a fundamental cleansing of religious consciousness from all ancient religious and modern scientific superstitions.

If only people freed themselves from their beliefs in all kinds of Ormuzds, Brahmas, Sabbaoths, and their incarnation as Krishnas and Christs, from beliefs in Paradises and Hells, in reincarnations and resurrections, from belief in the interference of the Gods in the external affairs of the universe, and above all, if they freed themselves from belief in the infallibility of all the various Vedas, Bibles, Gospels, Tripitakas, Korans, and the like, and also freed themselves from blind belief in a variety of scientific teachings about infinitely small atoms and molecules and in all the infinitely great and infinitely remote worlds, their movements and origin, as well as from faith in the infallibility of the scientific law to which humanity is at present subjected: the historic law, the economic laws, the law of struggle and survival, and so on–if people only freed themselves from this terrible accumulation of futile exercises of our lower capacities of mind and memory called the ‘Sciences’, and from the innumerable divisions of all sorts of histories, anthropologies, homiletics, bacteriologics, jurisprudences, cosmographies, strategies–their name is legion–and freed themselves from all this harmful, stupifying ballast–the simple law of love, natural to man, accessible to all and solving all questions and perplexities, would of itself become clear and obligatory.



School: Week 2

The Pierce family is in full swing with online learning!  Woo Hoo!  Lots of work done this week, by Rory and Cadie.  Check it out!

Why Surfers Should be Fed

Here’s an old paper for you.

This stuff comes up for discussion at the dinner table sometimes.


In part disucsses Musgrave v. Rawls.

Robert likes this Musgrave quote.

“Implementation of maximin thus leads to a redistributive system that, among individuals with equal earnings ability, favors those with a high preference for leisure. It is to the advantage of recluses, saints, and (nonconsulting) scholars who earn but little and hence will not have to contribute greatly to redistribution” (Richard A. Musgrave, “Maximin, Uncertainty, and the Leisure Trade- off,” Quarterly Journal of Economics 88 [19741: 632).

Translation:  Imposing a universal basic income will make the beaches gnarly packed. Dude.