Monthly Archives: February 2008

He’s Here

Robert Russel Pierce, III arrived on February 20, 2008, at 8:23 am, weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces.  Mira delivered like a champion after a short labor.  As usual, she kept her spirits up and showed me, again, how strong she is.  Mira’s parents and brother, and Bob’s parents, visited the hospital room.  The staff at the UCSF hospital were amazing, even when negotiating with a strong willed mother to be.   Thanks to them all.


Mira and Robert went to the beach yesterday in Pacifica.  We stopped by David’s house and Mira talked with him about some of his writing.  Robert took a nap on the couch.

Adobe Baby Showers

My colleagues at Adobe were kind enough to hold not just one, but two, baby showers for Mira and me. The first was last week in San Jose, where most everyone showed up to give us presents and cake. Shirley and MeMe made cookies and cake, and the gifts flowed freely. What kind of booty did we pull in there in San Jose? Baby Bjorn from the group, a hip diaper bag (if such is possible) and stroller cover the group as well. Micki Nute gave us a medical kit and Kelly Sjolander a joke book and a baby shirt proudly stating “My Dad’s a Geek.” In the San Francisco this week we scooped up some cute clothes and shoes. A Starbucks onesie from Ann Sellier is really cool. Bob pulled in a beautiful small orchid plant as well.

I can’t believe how nice people are. Especially everyone at Adobe.


The Diver

Last week Mira got a call from her ex-boyfriend, Alan . . .  the artist. It turns out that Alan is soon to be married and needed to sell some paintings that his fiance does not want in the house. In particular, an unfinished painting called The Diver that features Mira prominently. He offered to sell her the painting.

As Mira puts it, the painting captures a time of her youth. So, she went over to Oakland, or wherever, to buy it.

The painting is now up in our dining room. I have to say that it prominently features only a portion of Mira.


Baby Shower

Pamela Bass was kind enough to host a baby shower for Mira yesteday. It was for women only, so I did not attend. Instead, I did what any man does when he finds a few hours of perfectly free time. I called a friend and we headed over to the indoor plant nursery, where I picked up some nice new miniature succulents. Mira came home with a crib and a ton of new booty to use when Trey arrives.