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The Pierce Family is getting a kick out of playing GeoGuesser together every evening for a few minutes.  For the uninitiated, the game uses Google Earth to drop you in a random place on the earth and you need to guess where you are after looking around for up to 3 minutes. The closer your guess, the more points you get.  We’ve been to Brazil, Canary Islands, Kenya, Australia, Canada. . .

Free to play once a day.



The Pierce Family’s good friend Tony Hoff is in Namche, Nepal today.  Starting Everest Base Camp trek with friends.  Good luck, Tony.

They got snow last night.

NamcheFor comparison,


Gardening with Nietzsche

Nice stuff here. Video.

Amid the chaos of being, Nietzsche believed that plants offer us inspiration for living

Aristotle thought that plants possess what he called a ‘vegetative soul’. Centered on growing and reproducing, this primordial, unthinking state of being was encompassed and far surpassed by the ‘rational soul’ of humans. Friedrich Nietzsche, however, believed that, in the overwhelming confusion of considering how we might live, there was much we could learn from plants – deeply rooted in the ground and yet limitlessly expressive as they are. Borrowing from some of Nietzsche’s lesser-known writings, this short video essay might just inspire you to look at a plant growing through a crack in the ‘inhospitable ground’ – and perhaps even Nietzsche himself – in a new light.

San Clemente 2021

The Pierce family just returned from Spring Break.The first two nights were spent in transit camping at Lake Castaic near LA and then with Aunt Julie in Studio City.

Then we arrived in San Clemente for a surfing holiday.  The kids can’t seem to surf anywhere other than Dana Point.

We met the Louderbacks and the Gutierrezes, and Phillips Sweet and Jeff Scofield stopped by for a visit at our hotel.

We whole-heartedly recommend the San Clemente Inn as family friendly accommodation a short walk to the beach in San Clemente.  Suites with kitchens, swimming pool, hot tub, tennis, pickle ball, miniature golf, ping pong, and barbeques.  Our room had a view of the ocean.  Everything was as advertised on their website.

Summer Reading

Pierces are going to hit the 20th Century this Summer.

Robert just realized that, for the most part, 20th century novels were pretty dire.

Rory is already on the lookout for newspeak.