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Robert is proud to announce that today he sailed Sebake  around portions of the San Francisco Bay in a singlehanded fashion.

IMG_0150On a sentimental but perhaps sad note, Robert has decided to leave Mira and elope with his Model 424 Harken High-Load Small Boat Furler Drum.

Harken Drum Small Boat High-Load Furler


Own a Part of History—Stephens-62-ft-Yawl-1937-/yacht-for-sale/

US$ 1.3M

View this boat for sale   Sparkman & Stephens 62 ft Yawl 1937

If JFK chose MANITOU for her good looks and speed – who are we to argue ? Olin Stephens (Design No 99) drew her in 1936 from the same bloodline as DORADE and STORMY WEATHER for her first owner who wanted to win races – and she is at 62 ft a bigger boat than her sisters and offering more space and luxury below. Designed to sail well in both light airs and heavy weather; on the Mediterranean classic race circuit she has more than proven her capabilities in winning many regattas outright. The current owners have stopped at nothing in maintaining MANITOU to ensure she is probably as strong as she ever was and cosmetically immaculate.


Robert spent the afternoon making his first thimbled eye splice in 1/8-inch amsteel line. Whew. And he thought law school was difficult . . .