Monthly Archives: January 2009

Tandem Dream

In Fall 2007 we were lucky enough to host Phillip Aschwanden and Kathrin Truttmann of Switzerland as they were about half way through their cycle touring dream, riding a tandem bicycle first from Switzerland to Portugal, and then from Alaska to Patagonia, Chile.

We just heard that they made it. Congratulations to Phillip and Kathrin for completing the ride of a lifetime. On a bicycle built for two.

Here’s their very elaborate and well-visited website.

Relief from an Uncomfortable Situation

Today when Robert was asked to clean the microwave oven after he used it, he started to use the yellow sponge in the kitchen sink for the task. He was told that that was all wrong, and that he should use the blue sponge, obviously. Since he could not find the blue sponge, he was left in an uncomfortable situation. Relief was given, however, when Mira told Robert that this time, just this once, he could use the yellow sponge rather than the blue sponge to clean the microwave oven. Whew. Crisis averted.