Sonoma Picnic

Today we went for a picnic with the Schwirtz family at the regional park near Healdsburg. We sat in a grove of redwoods, ate cheese and bratwurst, drank beer and wine, and, of course, watched the baby. Meredith made an extra effort by navigating from the parking lot to our far off picnic table. Cube (my recent name for R3) behaved himself for the majority of the day. Then it was home for naps in bed. I told Mira that I really love her and I’ll do anything for her. She quickly pointed out that “anything” does not seem to include taking off my shoes in the house, not eating croissants in the Safeway before they are paid for, laundry, or offering to pour her more lemonade spritzer after drinking all of hers while standing in the kitchen. It does include dragon slaying and catching a greased pig.