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How crazy can things get in Argentina?

New York Times

In a rambling 2,100-word letter posted on her Facebook page, Mrs. Kirchner, whom Mr. Nisman had accused of orchestrating a cover-up to protect Iranian officials implicated in the bombing in exchange for Iranian oil, said that Mr. Nisman had been part of an effort to “sidetrack, lie, cover up and confuse” attempts to finally resolve the case.

Again with the Hunchback

As some people already know, strangely, the children and adults in the Pierce family seem to be totally addicted to the sung-through French musical Notre Dame de Paris. On the weekends it plays almost continually at the house.  Here’s a sample, featuring Esmerelda, Quasimoto, Phoebus, and Archduke de Notre Dame Claude Frollo, who Robert always feels strongly resembles his former colleague Michael Engelhardt (minus the exquisitely crafted eye-brows).



Chess Puzzles

Robert and Rory have been learning about Chess.  Right now they are of approximately equal skill-level. There are lots of online resources for learning the game.  Many of them are free of charge. Including puzzles, most of which Robert does not solve.  Here’s some he managed to solve.

Mira Power

Yesterday Robert and Mira hosted a New Year’s Day brunch party featuring Robert’s World Famous Tortilla Soup and a group of friends and family. Robert and Mira were short on time as the party started at 9:30 in the morning and they had not gotten to bed until midnight the night before.  And some serious cooking and cleanup needed to happen before people arrived.  Robert got up and began working at 6 am.  Mira joined him at 7, grumbling and mumbling under her breath as she gave the kitchen floor a last minute scrub. Perhaps questioning the wisdom of the brunch itself. But Robert had faith.  He always has faith in Mira.  He knew that after cleaning that floor she would take a shower, get dressed, put on her game face, and be a wonderful host.  She always is.


New Year’s Brunch

Today the Pierces hosted some friends for a New Year’s Day brunch. On the menu was Tortilla Soup and Mexican beer.  The weather was brisk, but after a walk in the open space, everyone enjoyed their meal outdoors. I guess this is why we pay the big bucks to live in California!