Camping in the Time of Plague

The Pierces broke free of home for Memorial Day weekend and sat on the shores of Shasta Reservoir and Whiskeytown Lake, near Redding.

Camping at a “private” campground (something the Pierces do bi-annually in order to avoid being caught dumbfounded at Presidential election time), was, as always, a striking anthropological survey.

The highlight of the trip?  Other than getting a glimpse of Redding’s deco fire station and a treat at nearby Heavenly Donut, the crowd favorite was a river raft float down the Sacramento River.  Sundial Bridge to Anderson, and a 10 minute Uber drive back. The best $125 (including Uber) 4.5 hour family outing ever. Just grab a raft at Sundial Bridge from North Country Raft Rental and get on your way!

The flyfishing looks good too.  Lots of drift boats.