Derek Parfit

Derek Parfit has few memories of his past and almost never thinks about it, a fact that he attributes to an inability to form mental images.

Well, Derek Parfit has died.

Who was Derek Parfit?  Well, he was one of those intellectual philosopher guys who other intellectual philosopher guys like to call a genius. But, as far as Robert can figure, non-intellectual guys don’t really stand a chance of understanding why his thinking was so important. He wrote really long books that took him a long time to write.

Robert has seen Derek Parfit referenced as a philosopher who believed that there are “true” answers to moral questions. That there is a correct morality. Other than that, Robert does not know much.

He was, it seems, a totally dedicated educator.

It is fun to read about these guys.

This 2011 profile in the New Yorker is worth a read.