15 (perhaps 4) Minutes of Fame

Last week something interesting happened.  For the first time, one of Robert’s blog posts on his law firm site went viral, as they say.  To set some context, that website typically gets about 5 hits a day.  And most of those hits are from search engine bots.

Well, on about Thursday of last week things lit up. Someone noticed a recent blog post by Robert that analyzed, and was critical of, the software license used by Facebook for its React project, which it touts as an “open source” project.

Well, a developer found that post and a discussion on the Hacker News site ensued.  A good number of twitter posts, etc. Robert won’t bore you with the details (and they are pretty boring). Let’s just say that there were quite a number of mentions on the internet with the title: “Lawyer says React license not open source.” Robert is pretty sure the folks at the Facebook open source group are cussing him out this week.

Anyway, it was worth 29,488 hits as of today. It even made Javascrip Weekly.  But you already know that!

One thought on “15 (perhaps 4) Minutes of Fame

  1. Ali Sarraf

    Nice job Robert! With this newfound fame you’ll need some protection. Sending up security detail.

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