Weekend in Town

The PIerces stayed in Oaxaca city this weekend.  Taking a breather after a long and busy week of school and other activities.

Yesterday, Saturday, we played tennis and swam at the Deportivo Oaxaca on an unusually temperate day.  Mira and Robert didn’t do too well on the doubles court against their Mexican (and, indeed aged) opponents. Then we were off to the city center for some adventure and dinner.  On the bus ride in to the city center, we saw a huge playground for the kids, which included an awesome merry-go-round.  So we jumped off for some swinging, climbing, zip-lining, and merry-go-rounding.  Then it was time to search for a children’s bookstore we had heard about. Well, we got sidetracked when we stumbled upon Krampus Baberia, combination barbershop and bar.  Robert was invited in for a few beers and a haircut. After Robert improved his appearance (and demeanor) we found Thai Lynn, a very small Thai restaurant. The owners run it only on the weekends and we were told that only one Norte Americano had ever visited before.  Good luck to the guys running Thai Lynn!

Then we had ice cream and snow cones in Lllano Park before heading home.  We never did find the bookstore.