The Tribal Rite of the Strombergs

Robert finds this very funny.


They’d fed Aunt Susan to a horse in Central Park when she was only fifty. She’d promised to get her niece a summer internship at Bravo. But, when she called up the producer she used to date, he told her he was no longer with the network. Layoffs were looming and he’d taken a buyout. Susan was shocked. She’d had ins at NBC for as long as she could remember. She’d dated assistants in her twenties, editors in her thirties, and producers in her forties. Now she didn’t even know anyone who worked there.

“It’s O.K.!” her niece insisted, as little tears formed in her eyes. “I don’t even care about TV! I just wanted an excuse to live in New York this summer—”

“Feed me to beasts,” Susan interrupted. “For I have outlived my purpose.”