Stock Market Roundup 2011

Given its measly size, Robert needs to carefully watch the Pierce Family retirement savings, which at this point is a collection of underfunded vehicles including 401Ks, Roth 401Ks, IRAs, SEP IRAs,  Roth IRAs, and at least one 60’s vintage sports car. 2011 turned out to be very unspectacular for the Pierces, as it was for most. 

The 2011 YTD results are in.  Here’s the winners and the losers among the funds that Robert thinks he competes against.

Dow Jones Industrial Average:  +5.53%
Pierce Family Retirement Savings:  +1.7%
S&P 500: 0%
Vanguard Target Retirement Fund 2035: -4.35
IShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF): -5.82

Robert is glad to say that he does not compete against McDonald’s Corporation, which closed  up 30.71% for the year. Tough times are good for those with red hair and striped socks.