Rory’s First Day

By his teacher’s account, Rory had a successful first day at Marin Waldorf. When mom left him there in the morning, he was in tears but those tears quickly subsided and he got busy chopping vegetables for the day’s soup. Afterwards, he joined in indoor and outdoor play time with alacrity. He ate soup with gusto. At rest time, however, there were a few more tears when he was asked to lie down and do something that looked suspiciously like sleeping. But his displeasure was short-lived under the effect of lullabies and back rubs. What surprised and pleased her most, Miss Mary Beth said, was Rory’s eagerness to be social. He inserted himself into play with the big four-year-olds and, when it was puppet show time, ran outside to announce it and then rounded up his classmates and helped herd them inside. Miss Mary Beth said she appreciated it.