The Pierce family just returned from a weekend adventure in Lares, Peru. Lares is about 200 kilometers from Cusco. Lares has hotsprings, and that’s why we went on Saturday morning. Our landlords Bruno and Ada were kind enough to take us out there with their kids in their 196x International Harvester Travelall. Seats nine comfortably. Comfortable, that is, until it breaks down at 13,000 ft. But that’s a different story.

To get to Lares, one needs to drive through the so-called Sacred Valley town of Calca, where we spent time in the market. The too-narrow road to Lares winds through the Andes and is only open at night and early in the morning. So we needed to time our arrival and departure carefully. We departed this morning at 4 am and got back to Cusco at about 10. The road is a little scary, especially at night, when Robert imagines the worse.

Lares is a small place and it is a short walk to the hotsprings. Mira went over to the springs twice, Robert stayed with the kids and had an interesting meal at one of the few restaurants in town.

Here’s some photos, and there are more here.