The best comment I’ve seen on the latest Floyd Landis antics, accusing Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, and others of doping.

From a New York Times reader:

“Of course Landis was doped. So was Armstrong. Doubt it? Think carefully: In Operation Puerto, Jan Ulrich, Ivan Basso, Joseba Beloki…literally every member of the peloton that had been anywhere *near* Lance Armstrong were swept up in that scandal. Are we to believe that someone 6-10 years older would be able to keep up with young guys who were doped over 21 days and mountains too high for most of us to walk up? I’m sorry, I’m not buying. Superman is dead. I don’t doubt Landis’ credence, here. I’m just amazed the idiot would spend 2 mil to defend a lie. He could have gotten a bargain and a book tour selling out the peoloton- he’s been on Lance’s team, most of whom were doped, too. Tyler Hamilton, Flyod, Ekimov…”