Oaxaca, Day 2

Our second day in Oaxaca. Again a rather warm day, so we did not get too much done, but we’re starting to relax a bit. We ate breakfast again at our inn with Mina and Navina, a mother and daughter pair from Pasadena. Then, it was off for a walk into town where Mira did some shopping for gifts and then to the mercado for a lunch.

During lunch Mira was able to convince a girl who was selling some things to give her a back massage instead. So Mira got a back massage during her lunch while Robert watched Rory play with the flexible pipes than run through the market carrying what he hopes is water.

After naps we met Serena, Mira’s friend from Sonoma who has lived in Oaxaca for about five years. She is a very determined woman who Robert thinks can inspire Mira about living abroad. We had pallettas in a park while Rory ran and ran in circles. Then we stopped for coffee.

After leaving Serena, the Pierces strolled down the street to a shop selling Mescal. After a few sample shots Robert and Mira stumbled out for a good meal of soup, quesadillas and jugo. We found desert at a corner shop where Robert bought the family two bags of stale cacauates japonese.

After Mira went to sleep with Rory-post-overtired-meltdown, Robert snuck out with Mina and Lavina to the restaurant across the street to sample some barbequed meat folded into a tortilla. He’s never had that before . . .