Oaxaca, Day 1

Today was our first day in Oaxaca, the city of Oaxaca. It was a pretty uneventful one. Last night we made a late night check-in at the Casa de los Sabores, which is a kind of bed and breakfast with a cooking school built in. Seems okay. Tidy and the people don’t seem to mind our screaming kids. Mira seems interested in some cooking classes.

The weather here is great. About 90 degrees and blue skies. It is going to take time to get used to this, but we will.

We did manage to take a visit at lunchtime to the zocolo and the central market, where we had some lunch. Mira has not toughened here shell yet, and was convinced to purchase some wooden spoons with the name “Oaxaca” branded into their handles. Pehaps one lucky reader out there may receive one of these spoons come Christmas time. They do look like great stocking stuffers . . .

We had another pretty fancy dinner at La Olla restaurant. After a couple margaritas, everything went well. Rory is a real trooper. Waiting such a long time for dinner and staying up late. He’s the superstar of this traveling troop.

Tomorrow we may climb a mountain.