There’s been plenty of Pierce Family news during the last few weeks. In addition to the birth of Caedryn, there has been information leaking out about career and lifestyle changes. In order to achieve consistency and stop the rumor mills from generating too many crazy interpretations, we thought we would get our news and plans down in writing in one place. Here they are.

1. Work. After 9.25 years, Robert will resign his position with the Adobe legal department at the conclusion of January 2010. Robert’s ambitions and skills, and the limitations on what Adobe can offer him, make leaving the best option at this time. Robert has interviewed for a few positions recently, but he will remain hyper-selective about taking any new job. If no extremely interesting position is found prior to February, then he will take a break from corporate law practice. We will live off the Pierce Family savings account (formerly known as the New House account) until Robert and/or Mira begins on a satisfying new career vector. Please contact Robert or Mira if you have information about an interesting job opportunity.

2. Home. The Pierce Family cannot live in the Bay Area without employment income. Thus, we will give up our rental pink cupcake house at the end of February 2010. Hopefully, the tenant living in our own condo will continue to pay rent.
3. Travel. After January, we plan to spend time with Mira and Robert’s families, in Sonoma County and Shasta County. Then, almost certainly we will travel overseas for an extended period of time in 2010 and 2011. One of our goals is to immerse ourselves and our children in a foreign culture, living abroad for as long a practical. This is a good chance to achieve that goal.

4. Charity. The Mustardseed Schoolhouse Project is in full swing. We have nearly competed funding of construction of a two-room schoolhouse in Nicaragua, the exact location of which will be decided upon in the Summer of 2010. The 2-3 month construction will begin in Fall 2010 and we will certainly be there for that. We have partnered with a large charitable organization, BuildOn, to achieve this goal. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation or would like to join us at the construction site.

5. Plans Change. Plans change and we may find ourselves doing something completely different in the next 1-2 years. But we will always be a family with goals that we are passionate about.