Weekend Visit

This last weekend we had a visit from MeMe Rasmussen. She came up on Saturday morning and we had a picnic near Sonoma Lake out on West Dry Creek Road. We stopped at the General Store out there and bought sandwiches. Then, Mira and MeMe went and had massages a the day spa. I can only imagine the conversations had during that time. Anyway, we then all met James Oh, another Adobe colleague, Nabeel Al-Shaama, yet another Adobe colleague, at the home of Ron and Geri Cote, more Adobe alum, for dinner. Ron and Geri have a great home up in the hills, with a view of the vineyards. The whole nine yards. Nabeel came with a bottle of wine from their 7 acre vineyard at home. Mira and Robert drank a lot of wine and talked a lot about our baby. That was our “contribution.” MeMe left the next morning after breakfast at the local French bakery.