Heat Wave

Today it hit about 100 degrees in San Francisco. Pretty rare for a July day. We left early for a bike ride in Palo Alto, but by about 8:30 it felt like it was about 90 degrees. About half way up Old La Honda Road I decided that I would not do the full Pescadero loop. I’ve been there and done that on a hot day, and I felt I could skip it today. So, we rode up Skyline to King’s Mountain Road and then back down that way.Of course, Mira sped ahead most of the way. I was in no mood to even try today. But I’ll get her soon.I’m not very happy with my riding these days, and am trying hard to loose some weight. I think this will help.We then met Mira’s friend Allison at the Ferry Building, where it was about 95 degrees. I left the friends together and went home for a nap.Tonight will take us over to Gunar and Ann’s house for some viewing of the Tour de France. Tonight is the penultimate stage and we’ve purposfully not watched the news. Floyd Landis will try to take back the lead before finishing the race tomorrow. We’ll see.