Wedding Details

This is a test. Welcome to Mira and Bob’s wedding site. Here’s where we’ll keep you informed on the happy doings and where you can also view the short stories we post about pre-nuptial bliss. We’re very excited to have our out-of-town friends and family join our in-town cronies for a joyful time. We’ve got a short menu of pre-wedding activities plannd for Saturday, Oct. 14. We will also post recommended hotels and things to do in our beloved San Francisco. Most immediately, please note that the wedding is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 15, starting at 2:30 p.m. at Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church with a reception starting at 4 p.m. The reception will be at the Lone Mountain campus of the University of San Francisco, just across the park from the church. USF happens to be Mira’s place of employment, soon to be past place of employment since she is leaving her writer/editor position to take on a freelance career and a new cat. Please check back as we gather more details and wish us good luck as we sail into this adventure of a lifetime.Bon Voyage.