Shelby’s Baptism

This afternoon Mira and I were present at the baptism of Shelby Adele Evans at St. Agnes Catholic Church in the Haight. Quite a crowd was present, and the cermony took about an hour. The priest was visiting for the usual priest who was on vacation. He had a pretty heavy accent and it took Bob a while to catch on to what he was saying. Of course, since neither of us are Catholic, it did not make much of a difference.After the cermony, the entire group went to a reception, where the real action occured. Mira, as usual, worked the crowd, speaking with her friends Julia and Tim, as well as June and Chris. Most of the time was spent speaking with Chris about his new company. Once again, Mira talked up her recent cycling trip in which we rode 173 miles down the coast from Carmel to the central valley and back. She’s quite a braggart.rrpjr