El Toro North Americans

Very nice photo of recent sailboat racing in Kaneohe Bay, site of the 2019 El Toro North American Championships.  Congratulations to Chase Engelhardt for winning the Junior Division for Richmond Yacht Club.  Hoping to visit our friend Tony Hoff and have Rory and Cadie in the junior program at KYC next summer.  At this point, a bit of a dream.  But trying!


Summer Hike

The Pierces have returned from a hike in the Eastern Sierra, along with some Shakespeare in Mammoth Lakes (Much Ado) and visit to the ghost town of Bodie and Jolly Kone of Bridgeport.

OptiBall and Fine Art

Rory and Cadie in sail camp this week and next at RYC.  Today some gusty wind, so time for Optiball. The point of which is to get the ball into the opponents boat guarded by “goalies.”  Lots of bumper boats.


Also, who’s that in the painting in the RYC dining room?  Saill No. 11318, that’s who!

IMG_1308IMG_0637 copy 2

Shakespeare in Marin

Congratulations to Cadie and Winter for their performances in Midsummer Night’s Dream, produced by Marin Shakespeare Company (for kids). A two week summer camp.

Cadie: Egeus, Mustardseed, Snout and Wall.

Winter: Hypolita and Titania

Audio here.

Mayor’s Cup

Congratulations to Abbie for taking the Mayor’s Cup at Lake Merritt in Oakland.



5th Grade Graduation!