Dirty Diapers

I just saw Mira go into the bathroom with a handful of what appeared to be dirty diapers.  “Why,” you might ask, “is she walking around with dirty diapers? Why doesn’t she just throw them in the garbage and be done with them?”  One thing that might help you understand is that I saw her with cloth diapers.  You see, Cubie uses paper diapers only about half of the time.  The other half of the time you will find a cloth diaper covering his poopee parts.  So, you see, Mira was carrying cloth diapers into the bathroom, where, I can only presume, will be rinsing them out before they go into the dirty cloths hamper in the utility room.   I say I can only presume because I don’t watch this happening.  And, needless to say,  don’t do it myself.  To me, cloth diapers are a luxury, a sort of San Francisco yuppie housewife hobby.  I would not want to deprive Mira of the full experience.

In fact, I’ve come up with a number that represents the likelihood that you will find me cleaning a dirty cloth diaper.  This number is so small that can’t be represented in the decimal system of numbering.  Let me try is
 “Why are we using cloth diapers?  This I don’t know.  The only justification I’ve been able to come up with is that aesthetically they are more pleasing among the mid-century decor of our condominium.  

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