What: Visit Peru and be Dazzled

Where: Lima, the Andes, the Jungles and more in this country in the center of the new world.

Who: An international crowd comprised of seasoned travelers, tennis players, sailors, and drinkers who will enjoy the gracious hospitality of our friends in Peru.

When: October 2024

Contacts: Bob Pierce and Carlos Lamas-Babinni

How: If you are interested, contact Bob at [email protected] and attend an upcoming planning meeting via video conference.

Full Description: From humble beginnings in 2015, a strong bond of friendship has developed between two groups of like-minded men. One group from Marin County California and the other in Lima and elsewhere in Peru. Visits between the two tribes has occurred three times in the past, in 201, 2015, and 2018.

The time has come to open this great tradition of friendship to others. To a wider group of friends. To colleagues of all sorts. And even to spouses. Maybe even kids.

Our good friends in Lima are waiting for us.

There will be no jungle girls, Karl.

The First Week: Whereas in the past, lots of time was spent on tennis courts, this visit will include all sorts of activities. You decide. You may like to play tennis. But you may also fancy a sail. Perhaps parties are your sort of thing. You can ride a horse. Or see a show. Meet some new friends. Take a swim. What the heck, perhaps low cost dentistry is your thing. The food will undoubtedly be great. Lodging is easy on AirBNB, and perhaps we can group up, or perhaps you want to be alone. The only rule is that there are no rules. Socialize as little or as much as you like while in Lima for a week. Oh, I forgot, there is a rule. Somehow, it’s all about the Scotch.

Following Week(s): Then, you can be off to see the rest of Peru. First-timers will be drawn to Cusco and Machhu Pichu. Huaraz and other places in the high Andes are delightful. Arequipa is great. There are beaches. There are deserts. There are jungles. There a people to meet. There are markets to visit.