Washington DC

The Pierces are recovering from their trip last week to Washington DC.  Actually, it was a trip to Maryland to see Robert’s parents. We had not seen them for two years, so it was time to go.  Coincidentally, the Michael Pierce family was out there too, so it was  a sort of reunion. We didn’t get out much because of the heat and the all-consuming activities at the Riderwood senior living compound. Robert gorged himself on steak frites and ice cream sandwiches at the new “French bistro” at Riderwood. As to sights, we did walk on the mall and see a Nationals baseball game.  The waterfront area near the stadium in the SW part of DC is very cool (a la dogpatch) by the way. Very exciting when the Nationals came back from a nine run deficit to beat the Marlins, including a grand slam. Happy 84th birthday to Tata!

Here’s the photos . . .

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