Since Rory was about 6, his mother told him that when he turned 10 she would let him play Minecraft.  Well, Rory turned 10.  Rory and Robert are trying to figure it out together on Friday afternoons.  We’ve been playing for three weeks and have survived the first night only once.

For anyone over 50 that is reading this, I urge you to take a look at this video.  It gives just a taste of the incredible complexity of the game.  It is quite stunning.  Robert never knew.

Watching the video will give you an understanding of what every 6-12 year old boy in the developed world is living right now.  Pretty incredible. Keep in mind that getting to the end stages of the game, which this video describes and shows, requires something like 3 years of continuous play.

Check it out. Keep watching past the first 2 minutes.

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