Oaxaca Photos

These are photos from our visit to Oaxaca, Mexico in the summer of 2015.  We did lots of things during our 5 week visit.  We stayed at the home of Serena Makofsky and Steve Lafler while they were in California.  Rory and Cadie went to Summer Camp at the private school Liceo Federico Froebel near the house. We visited some nearby pueblas.  We joined the Deportivo Oaxaca, a tennis and swim club for the month where we took tennis lessons and swam on most days.  We went to two professional baseball games, where we saw the Oaxaca Gurerros play teams from Tiajana and Quintana Roo.  Lots of fireworks in Oaxaca.  Lots of taxi rides. We met some very nice Mexican families and one or two NorteAmericano families also down here for the summer.  We ate lots of tacos, went to the dentist, and enjoyed about one ton of ice cream.  Hope we can come back some day!

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