Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I’m writing from Oaxaca, Mexico, where I’ve been for a week with my mom and dad, and my little sister Caedryn. Today we went to breakfast and the owner of the restaurant told us that in Mexico there is no tooth fairy.  Rather, a mouse comes and takes away children’s teeth and leaves money under their pillows.  Then we went on the bus to the swimming pool and water slide.  Our bus raced another bus down a busy street (which was different than yesterday when our driver got into a fistfight with another driver).  Once we got to the swimming pool, my dad bought us cookies and we watched fireworks explode over the pool. I put on my new  shoes and took a tennis lesson.  Then we went to Tule, where we saw the “world’s largest” tree and my dad bought me a green ball to play with. I played on swings and a see-saw and, of course, a trampoline.  We had sodas, ice cream, and Mexican sweet bread.  Then we took a taxi back to the center of Oaxaca. As we were walking down a major street downtown, we saw a man spit gasoline out of his mouth making a huge fireball. Once we got home, I read Archies comics.

All in all, my life remains uneventful and without excitement or reward.

Very truly yours,

Rory Pierce


Dearest Diary,

Daddy is very bad.

And it is NOT opposite day.


Caedryn Pierce

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