Oaxaca, Days 3 and 4

We’ve been sneaking out of our hotel for a few hours each day to see some sights in Oaxaca. We can’t don too much on any given day because of rigorous nap scheduling and unstable gastrointestinal systems. We’ve seen the cathedral Santa Domingo, had dinner at Danzantes and Rory played in a fountain. Yesterday we visited the ruins of Monte Alban outside of the city. That was a big adventure for all of us and it gave Mira a chance to haggle over the purchase of colorful glass “jewelry.” Today Robert finally found a liquor store where he found a bottle of Tequila for less than 100 pesos ($8). The Mescal that he loved so much during college and which sold then for about $1 a gallon has for some reason become the boutique sensation of Oaxaca. Bottles actually sell for $40!! Not a red worm to be seen.

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