Mexico City, Day 3

Day three in Mexico City was a Sunday. It is also the day that we needed to leave by bus for Oaxaca. We got up early looking forward to getting juice and breakfast on the street near our hotel. It had all looked good for the last couple days and we needed to break free of the Cafe Popular. Well, we were up so early that we beat all the street vendors. So we stopped into a large panaderia where Mira and Rory had Mexican Breakfast. Robert ate doughnuts.

Then we took a walk through the National Palace off the zocolo. Every visit to Mexico City needs to include a peek at the Diego Rivera mural of the history of Mexico in the stairway of the National Palace.

After the walk, it was back to the room for packing. We have about 1000 pounds of luggage on this trip, so most of it needs to stay in Mexico City while we are in Oaxaca for 10 days. So, we packed it all up and left it at the Hotel Zamora. Hope it will be there when we get back.

We took the 4 pm bus to Oaxaca ($40/seat), which took us a little less than 6 hours. The ride was comfortable. We saw The Hulk, another cartoon with a lot of fighting, and then a documentary about El Nino. Rory slept well after some fuss. Mira chatted up an 18 year old student sitting next to her while admiring the volcanoes that passed by her window.

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