Rory’s First Words

You have a habit of whispering but I think I have discerned the words “dis” and “dat” accompanying your keen pointer finger doing what it does best. You are inspired a lot by the large round lamp above the dining room table. You have also begun to slap your palms against your head while you’re eating, which leaves a crinkly coating on your hair. You also slap mommy’s chest while nursing, a habit I discourage by clasping your hand in mine but which you counter by scratching my fingers with your nails. You are much more vocal about what you like and don’t like at mealtimes, indicating by a closed-teeth scream that rises in pitch in just such a way to start a headache, that you don’t like anything that is green or leafy. You are especially gracious if given Oatios, peanut butter-and-bagels, or fruit. Bananas are the nuclear option and guarantee that nothing else will be acceptable at that particular sitting.

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