Le Charms

Last night we had dinner with Al Jaramillo and Katja Rimmi at Le Charm restaurant in San Francisco.  As usual, the Al and Katja made fantastic conversation with Mira.  Robert less so.  But, fun was had by all.  We heard from Al, the accomplished bird authority and author, about the annual bird count tradition.  We heard all about life in Half Moon Bay, including, importantly, the public schools there.  Katja is busy with her interior design business, and we talked about some of her more interesting clients.  We learned that both Al and Katja knew what they wanted to do with their lives from a very early age.  It’s amazing that they’ve achieved their goals.  This is a lesson to  us.  Also a lesson to us, Al is not afraid to pick up a snake.  We’re looking forward to another visit.

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