Sequoia National Park

We got very excited about taking a three day backpacking trip in Sequoia National Park during the long Fourth of July weekend. So, RII took the day off work on Thursday and packed up our backpacks. It did not take long for the troubles to start. While loading her backpack in the car, Mira twisted her back. She was in pain, but we kept moving along with our plan on the chance that the pain were to subside. After a rather circuitous tour of Fresno, we arrived at Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park and found a great car campground where we pitched our tent, had dinner of a super club sandwitch and potato soup, and went to bed. Half way through the night the fireworks started. Both Robert III and Mira crying, we suffered throug the night. RIII was just unused to his surroundings and Mira’s back continued to hurt. We crawled out of the tent to find a flat spot on the asphalt and made it to the morning. By 7 am we were on our way back to San Francisco, another camping trip foiled by the gods.

Well, all’s well that ends well. Mira’s back improved and we spent a quiet weekend in San Francisco, picnicing in the parks and lounging around the house.


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