Dinner and Riding in Sebastapol

Last night we were the guests of John and Meredith Schwirtz for a dinner with Loralee and Phil Stevens. Dinner included steamed vegetables, cous cous and Salmon. The food was great. The drinks, cold. It seems Mira’s parents have a penchant for frozen wine.Today Mira and I took a bike ride in Sonoma County. We left from her parents’ house in Sebastapol and rode to Highway 1 through Valley Ford and back home through Fallon. The ride was almost exactly 50 miles, without many hills. After the ride, John Schwirtz prepared a breakfast of corn meal waffles, which Mira enjoyed and Bob ignored due to his very serious crash diet. He had oatmeal and a swim in the pool.After watching the France v. Italy World Cup Final for about an hour, we were on the road again, back home to San Francisco. Along the way experiencing a 34 degree temperature difference from Petaluma to the Golden Gate Bridge.rrpjr

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